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Build to Perform On Any Terrain

Road to No-Road™

KXI Wildertec™

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Kelso Technologies Inc., KIQ X Industries Inc. (KXI) is a research & technology innovation company specializing in advanced suspension solutions for motorized vehicles and vehicle components. Built to perform on any terrain, KXI’s flagship product is the Wildertec suite of products – is a combination of novel suspensions, tire, steering, and advanced control systems technology.

Our mandate is to provide commercial, government, and indigenous and remote operations with the safest and most cost-efficient method for transporting employees and cargo over the world’s most challenging terrain.


To see all essential and sensitive terrain on Earth accessed safely, reliably, and sustainably


We will build the world's most reliable wilderness vehicles


We stand for unparalleled quality, engineering excellence, design innovation, compassion for our natural world, ecological sustainability, and worker safety.​

A History of Safety

KXI Wildertec is a proud member of the Kelso Technologies Group, a railroad equipment supplier, specializing in the production of tank car service equipment used in the loading, unloading, and containment of hazardous materials for safe transport in the United States and Canada.

Kelso has a strong history of bringing world-class technologies to market and a sterling track record for transportation safety.


Our Leadership

Chris Stewart

President, KIQ X Industries
(dba KXI Wildertec)

Richard Lee

Chief Financial Officer Kelso Technologies;
CFO of KIQ X Industries