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KXI Wildertec for Offroad Rental Companies Elevate Your Rental Fleet with Suspension Intelligence

Welcome to an exciting new era of offroad rental solutions.

Safety. Reliability. Accessibility. KXI™ Wildertec™: Revolutionizing Wilderness Accessibility.

At KXI Wildertec, we specialize in providing unique vehicle solutions designed to tackle the toughest terrains with ease. Our road to no-road vehicles are engineered for vocational tasks in the most extreme conditions, making them the perfect addition to any rental company looking to cater to professionals in industries such as mining, forestry, and energy. A confluence of suspension, steering, tire, and control systems technology, our solution ensures equal pressure and traction on each corner of the vehicle while creating a balanced, comfortable ride for occupants.

Unmatched Reliability and Performance KXI Wildertec vehicles stand as more than just transportation; they represent a promise of unparalleled reliability and performance. Designed to conquer rugged landscapes, these vehicles are equipped with advanced technologies to handle diverse and challenging environments effortlessly.

Why Choose KXI Wildertec?

Enhanced Safety At the core of KXI Wildertec vehicles is a commitment to safety. Our innovative center of gravity management system significantly reduces operational risks by stabilizing the vehicle, ensuring the safety of both occupants and payloads even in the most demanding conditions.

Confidence in Remote Operations Equip your workers with vehicles that inspire confidence. KXI Wildertec vehicles enhance operational capabilities in remote and wilderness locations, allowing your clients to feel secure and focused on their tasks, knowing they have reliable and safe transportation.

Benefits for Rental Companies

Increased Demand & Diversification

Equip your fleet with KXI Wildertec vehicles to meet the specific needs of professionals working in remote and challenging environments. Catering to industries that require dependable and robust transportation solutions will position your company as a preferred choice in the rental market.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering top-tier, reliable vehicles emphasizes your commitment to quality and safety, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction. This leads to repeat business and enhances your company's reputation in the market.

Efficient Transportation Protocols

Streamlines emergency transportation with an intuitive control system and spacious cabins, ensuring swift, safe extractions under urgent conditions.


Designed to perform in a multitude of environments and use cases, KXI Wildertec vehicles can replace multiple specialized units in your fleet, simplifying your operations and reducing overhead costs.

Adaptable Solutions for Diverse Needs Operational Advantages

Durability and Lower Maintenance

Our vehicles are built to endure the demands of tough terrains, which means less downtime due to repairs and maintenance. This reliability translates into cost savings and higher availability of your fleet for rental.

Minimal Training Required

KXI Wildertec vehicles are designed with software algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate. This reduces the training time for your clients, allowing them to get on with their tasks quickly.

KXI Wildertec A Multifunctional Rental Unit

The KXI Wildertec vehicle is engineered to be more than just transportation; it’s a versatile, multifunctional rental unit customizable for any scenarios and support in remote operations.

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At the heart of KXI Wildertec lies a pioneering ADAS technology, crafted meticulously to redefine the dynamics of terrain management for mining explorers (and more).

Our innovative system, integrating advanced Center of Gravity (COG) management, AdaptiveGrip, and PreciseRide features, creates unparalleled safety by significantly reducing the risk of rollovers and enhancing vehicle stability in the most challenging terrains.

Efficiency is at the core of our design; the KXI Wildertec vehicle navigates rugged landscapes with ease, enabling faster, more reliable access to remote sites and reducing operational downtime.

Committed to sustainability, our technology is engineered to minimize environmental impact, ensuring that every venture into the wilderness respects the delicate balance of nature.
With KXI Wildertec, experience the future of mining terrain management where safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship converge.