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Message from the CEO
James (Rik) Bond

After years of product development and in line with our corporate roots in rail safety equipment we are proud to introduce our advanced KXI Wildertec™ service vehicle to the railroad industry. KXI Wildertec features a heavy-duty commercial vehicle equipped with our advanced control systems and driver assistance technologies designed to safely meet the normal strategic needs of rail operations.

Our proprietary designs provide the railroads with new productivity gains in proactive rail inspections, troubleshooting and maintenance services. In accident events, such as derailments, the priority objective of KXI Wildertec is to provide new unparalleled emergency response capabilities. The main objective of KXI Wildertec is providing new technological solutions to better ensure public safety by diminishing the potential negative effects of accidents, human error and environmentally harmful events.

Meet KXI Wildertec – an powerful evolution in rail mobility. Our technology makes unconventional rail travel more efficient and safer. Our technology’s ability to traverse up and over rails, make tight turns, and avoid any obstacle makes the Wildertec vehicle a smart addition to any rail fleet. It’s not just another high railer truck tethered to the rails; it’s built for wherever work calls.

Simply put, we’re offering unparalleled mobility and control to the rail industry.

With KXI Wildertec, there are no tracks.

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