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KXI Wildertec Applications

Innovation Yields Diversity

A remarkable confluence of suspension, steering, tire, and control systems technology allows a wide breadth of potential applications across sectors.

Natural resources and other sectors that operate in the wilderness experience a gap in their transportation solutions between light ORVs and large industrial equipment.

Other markets include:

  • Remote community support
  • Film production
  • Shipping logistics
  • Conservation
  • Tourism

Vocational wilderness work can be unrelenting. 

KXI Wildertec has purpose-built our “road to no-road” technology to help wilderness workers get their job done – with little concern for for the vehicle that got them there.

The track to the worksite will be filled with confidence instead of anxiety. So, when workers arrive, they will be refreshed and focused to do the monitoring, remediation, or any other mission critical work.

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First In

KXI's low impact approach ensures "first in" workers (like explorers and samplers) are kept safe even when the paths are unmarked.

Last Out

Being the last one out means leaving no trace that you were there. KXI Wildertec low impact tires makes that a standard feature.


Statutory rights of way are a big responsibility. Monitoring, maintenance, and repair require special equipment. KXI's automated suspension and soft footprint make it simple.


During a wilderness rescue or a disaster ressponse, every second matters. KXI offers an all-in-one, ready-to-go, road to no-road solution designed for the most rugged terrain.


Mapping the wilderness to track key assets and terrain variability is a luxury for a few organizations. KXI's central processing and data anlytics package makes capture and storage simple and accessible.

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